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Q&A with Mile High Horror Festival Executive Director Timothy Schultz

This year's Mile High Horror Festival, which starts in just a few hours and runs through the weekend, features an exceptional lineup of quality genre movies, special guests, music, and workshops. I'm not going to say that Denver doesn't deserve a small genre fest of this caliber; I'm just surprised we actually got one. The man responsible is one Timothy Schultz, who took some time out of his busy schedule this week to answer a few questions about the fest...

THE MOVIE ADVOCATE: If you had to pick, what is the #1 must-see screening at this year’s Mile High Horror Fest?

TIMOTHY SCHULTZ: That's a tough question about picking the #1 screening. I really believe in every film we are screening and so it's very difficult to choose just one. We really pride ourselves on our programming and I think we have a much stronger lineup than your average horror film festival.

If you're into the psychological films, I would say you must see "Midnight Son," which is Executive Produced by a writer of The Blair Witch Project, Mr. Eduardo Sanchez.


If you're into zombies and comedy horror, I would say you must see "Chillerama." It debuted a couple weeks ago in Hollywood Forever Cemetery to an audience of 3,000 people and we are not debuting it in CO! Two of the filmmakers, Mr. Adam Rifkin and Tim Sullivan will be in attendance.

If you're into international films, you must check out "Rabies." It is the first Israeli horror film. It debuted at Tribeca this year and is now making its Colorado debut. it's an excellent film.

"The Woman" is also a film not to miss. It's Lucky McKee's latest masterpiece. It debuted at Sundance and is now making its Colorado debut at our festival. It created quite a stir at Sundance. It already has a theatrical release through AMC and Bloody Disgusting Selects for later in the month. We are giving Colorado viewers a chance to see it before its theatrical release. One of the stars of the film, Zach Rand will be in attendance and signing autographs.


TMA: What got you in the festival game? Had bringing a genre film festival to Denver been on your docket for a while before it became a reality last year?

TS: I am a filmmaker myself, so I'm very familiar with film festivals. I love independent film and I love the horror genre. There was no true horror film festival in Colorado, yet I knew the audience was here because I was one of them. I love planning events and I love film, so it seemed to make sense to bring this to Denver.

TMA: When I first looked at this year’s film schedule, I was shocked. This year’s fest seems to me to be a huge step forward in terms of the quality and reputation of the movies and events you’ve programmed. Is this part of the master plan, or was it sheer luck?

TS: It was not luck. Our goal is to become one of the largest most reputable horror film festivals in the country. In order to do this, we have to have very high standards for what we program. We want to show films that people can't see elsewhere. Our mission is to showcase the very best independent horror films from around the world. We want to give people a reason to come to our festival rather than to see the latest Hollywood blockbuster.
Michael Berryman, from THE HILLS HAVE EYES, will be in attendance.

TMA: If I’m not mistaken, the Mile High Horror Festival is going to be one of the last events at the Starz Film Center at Tivoli. What can we expect for the future of the festival?

TS: We are not sure where our 2012 venue will be. That is our #1 priority following the festival. We will be announcing our 2012 location by December.

TMA: What movie do you watch every year around Halloween?

She's actually really nice once you get to know her.

TS: Our screening committee has to watch over 100 horror films throughout the year for our festival. There is not one horror film in particular that I watch every year, although I love The Exorcist. To me, it's one of the few horror films that actually scared me as a kid. This year Eileen Deitz, who played the demon in that film is attending our festival and signing autographs.

Check back in all weekend for Movie Advocate coverage of the Mile High Horror Festival.

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