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Dispatches from Siam: A Quick Thai Action Movie Update

Happy weekend, everyone. In case you're just tuning in, Ed Day is The Movie Advocate's foreign correspondent, bringing us all the latest news on what to see and what not to see (mostly what not to see) from that ancient kingdom Old Siam, or as the less enlightened like to call it, Thailand. This post is sort of a part two to Ed's post on the history of the Insee Thong Thai action franchise, the first part of which you can read here. For Ed's thoughts on Insee Thong (Red Eagle) and the other goings on of contemporary Thai cinema, read on!

Sa-wat dee khrab!

I'm afraid that I have to report Red Eagle is worth missing. Although the action scenes are enjoyable and my quota for limb-severing is met and exceeded, the corruption in politics and nuclear-power-is-bad tangents are too tedious to approach without a fast forward button. This leaves me with this for my next great Thai hope:

Saturday Killer looks amazing and freakish, but my luck has not been so good lately. I am anxiously awaiting Prachya Pinkaew's (director of Tom Yum Goong, Chocolate, and Ong-bak, but not the sequels) English language debut with Kevin Bacon and that hot black guy from Gladiator. Did that sound gay? I didn't mean for it to. If you want gay, check out this trailer about a man who finds out his new wife is a lady-boy, loses his virginity to her than goes out to fight a group of lady-boy terrorists. I don't think I'm going to make it to this one.

I didn't search out the subtitled versions because I reckon it is better without.

The king's daughter has a flick coming out as well. It looks wretched, though, for a 59 year-old, she looks amazing.


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Dispatches from Siam: A Quick Thai Action Movie Update + review