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5 Favorite Horror Movies: Tripp Mostertz of Chill Mega Chill

Hiya guys, Ben here with Round 2 of The Movie Advocate's Halloween-inspired favorite horror movie lists. Up to bat today, Tripp Mostertz is best known as one of the hardworking madmen behind invaluable electronic tape label, Chill Mega Chill, whose roster includes such badass up-and-comers as Ra Cailum, Galapagos, Corduroi, and Top Girls. On top of that - and more germane to The Movie Advocate - Tripp spends his spare time geeking out about horror movie ephemera at the blog A Taste of Blood. This Halloween Chill Mega Chill has released "The Chiller," a compilation of 17 Halloween-themed tracks, which you can order here and which comes with all sorts of extra fun goodies. Because he doesn't have enough on his plate, Tripp stopped by the Advocate to drop his 5 favorite horror movies. Without further ado, the man himself:


A combination of compelling storyline and flawless character development. Without the use of gore, Silence Of The Lambs managed to expertly ratchet up cinematic tension and release with each progressive scene.


Fundamentally a refocused and magnified telling of a fictional zombie apocalypse (see Night Of The Living Dead, arguably the beginning of modern horror), Dawn Of The Dead is the status-quo of zombie cinema. George Romero was in top artistic form, right down to his choice of blood color.

Without this film (and to an extend Psycho) there would've been no inspiration for the entire slasher craze (a genre with countless franchise classics including Halloween, Friday The 13th, A Nightmare On Elm Street, etc.), and it's many spinoffs. Beautifully filmed and incredibly innovative, Black Christmas introduced the world to the on-screen crazed serial killer.

Friedkin's adaptation of Blatty's acclaimed story of a neighborhood exorcism, confirmed that horror films could be effective without compromising traditional cinematic elements. Lighting, camera work, acting, makeup, soundtrack, and editing all worked in perfect harmony to slowly increase the plot tension up to that final iconic scene on steps of Georgetown.

Kubrik delved deep into the actor's psyche in order to properly convey his vision of mental degeneration. One of the first broad displays of steadicam technology, The Shining was a groundbreaking cinematic endeavor. Long hallway shots and wide camera angles allowed this film to engulf the audience, capturing the minds and fears of anyone willing to be frightened. The Shining is a must see for all film enthusiasts.

Honorable Mentions:
The Evil Dead, The Thing, Halloween, A Nightmare On Elm Street, Friday The 13th, Re-Animator, The Bird With The Crystal Plumage

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5 Favorite Horror Movies: Tripp Mostertz of Chill Mega Chill + tripp mostertz