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Blahgger! Re: Technical Difficulties

Hi Movie Advocates, Ben here.

You may have noticed a dip in content this week here on the site. We've been dealing with some minor technical and organizational difficulties. Bottom line, last night we lost some of our content into the black hole of the internets never to be found again. Motherfuckers was ghosted. And on top of that - or possibly as part of the same issue - the Blogger server was down yesterday, so we couldn't really deal with any of these problems.

So we're gonna call this week a wash, pour one out for our fallen homies, write our little hearts out this weekend, and (fingers crossed) be back with both barrels blazing on Monday. Thanks for understanding.

Things you can do instead of fucking around on your computer:
1. Get outside and enjoy the spring weather.
2. Fuck around on your smart phone.


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Blahgger! Re: Technical Difficulties + TIME