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Watching Hour Preview: Skatetown USA

I am a connoisseur of movie trailers. It amazes me how the fount of 70s grindhouse, 80s trash, and 90s bargain bin bottom feeders never runs dry. I've spend 1000s of Sunday hours vegging out on YouTube, sifting through mountains of “meh” to find the diamonds in the rough. One such diamond I stumbled upon early on is this beauty here: Skatetown USA. I mean, come on. This trailer is so good they gave it it's own end credits. Not to mention the inappropriate pelvic cleavage, baby-faced Patrick Swayze, a midget, and a wild and crazy guy with glitter in his beard. Woah, magic!

Never in a million years did I ever imagine I would watch the damned thing, let alone in a movie theater on 35mm. But sho'nuff, us Denver-ites have been given the once in a lifetime opportunity to see this masterpiece-on-wheels on the big screen at the Watching Hour at the Denver Film Center this Friday at 10pm. Surely this is a portend of the coming apocalypse?

The Watching Hour is a weekly film series at the Denver Film Center, highlighting new and old cult, genre, or otherwise bizarro movies. Quite simply, The Watching Hour is usually the best thing to do in Denver on a Friday or Saturday night. From Giallo to schlock, Blaxploitation to Aussiesploitation, zombies to martial arts to who-knows-what, and everywhere in between. This is good ol' rock and roll cinema spectacle. Not to be missed. (See the schedule, buy tickets, get directions, etc. here.)

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