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Kickstarter: Edgar's Comics

Hello everyone, I hope you've been enjoying The 12 Days of The Movie Advocate. We'll be back to our regular programming soon.

Today I wanted to call your attention to a Kickstarter project I became aware of through this article.

Edgar's Comics is a project by Denver filmmaker, David Johnson about the biggest score in comics history. The movie that Johnson wants to make is about the owner of Mile High Comics, Chuck Rozanski's real life discovery of the most important comics collection of all time while still a teenager. The collection of Golden Age comics that Chuck came to own in turn was the catalyst for the comics collecting industry as a whole. As a native Coloradan and comics enthusiast, this project really interests me.

Please go read up on the project and if you think it's worthy, consider contributing some money to the Kickstarter and voting for it to be Project of the Week on Indywire.

I will be interviewing Johnson about Edgar's Comics after the holidays, so stay tuned!


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Kickstarter: Edgar's Comics + TIME