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Haunted Honeymoon sort of slipped its way into the festival. I'd seen it before when I was a kid, and didn't put it on my list, but after watching the Expendables, and randomly seeing it in my suggested queue, the people I had over and I thought it'd be a good companion piece. Haunted Honeymoon, for those of you who don't know, was Gilda Radner's last movie before she died of ovarian cancer. Watching it honestly feels like we're looking in on a fever-dream during the last few days of love bird's Gilda Radner and Gene Wilder's marriage. Going in to this movie with this knowledge adds a strange dynamic, watching Gene and Gilda unknowingly fall into a potentially life threatening situation, and laugh, dance, and sing their way out of it feels like an all to apt swan song. But it also makes it harder to watch, because now, looking back, we know it's a swan song, but at the time that it was being made, they were still fighting hard to make it more than that. And, outside of the movie, happily ever after didn't really come through for G&G. A heartbreaking movie without ever intending to be one.

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