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7 Spooky Suggestions for your Halloween Weekend!

Justin here with a few non-movie related suggestions on how to enhance your Halloween weekend.

1. Trick r' Treat at The Watching Hour

Unfortunately I won't be able to make this one, but this is THE BEST Halloween movie ever made. See Ben's preview for more convincing.

2. Pim and Francie by Al Columbia

This is one of the scariest “comics” I've ever read. It's actually more of an art book. Columbia draws in a style reminiscent of early Disney, but more terrifying. This is an excellent comic and highly recommended.

3. X'ed Out / Black Hole by Charles Burns

Charles Burns' new comic came out last week, X'ed Out. It's his surrealist psycho-sexual take on Tin Tin. I haven't read this yet, but my copy is arriving soon.

Alternatively, his last book, Black Hole is an amazing and scary read. It focuses on a group of high schoolers as they deal with an STD that circulates the school and mutates people by giving them tails, extra mouths, that sort of thing...

4. Bat Dots

Special Halloween candy, Blood Orange flavored Dots! They're delicious and should be available on the cheap on November 1st. I've found them pretty reliably at Target.

5. Hot Congress Halloween Show 10/29/10

If you live in Denver, get thee to the Skylark tonight to see a bunch of great bands including the one Ben and I are in.

6. Speaker Snacks Voodoo Halloween Show 10/30/10

Too many great electronic bands. Hosted by one of our favorite music blogs, Speaker Snacks.

7. Designated Drivers
Get one! Be extra nice to them! Aside from being morally reprehensible and extremely dangerous, a DUI in Colorado will cost you well over $10,000 all told. Scary, but not in the fun way.

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7 Spooky Suggestions for your Halloween Weekend! + review